Japanese Knotweed Removal London

Need help with Japanese Knotweed Removal London? Want it dealt with quickly? The invasive weed can cause damage to gardens, roads and homes if left untreated. It is notoriously difficult to tackle and extremely persistent, so call in the experts before the problem gets any worse.

CYB Environmental are specialists in the managing & treating Japanese Knotweed London. Our team has years of combined experience successfully treating and removing this invasive plant. We offer an insurance backed guarantee with all of our removal plans, to give you peace of mind should the nightmare weed ever return in the future. For Japanese Knotweed removal London, don’t hesitate to give us a call today on 020 3005 8755 or click on the button below to request a free quote online.

    What problems can Japanese Knotweed cause?

    As you may have noticed already from the presence of Japanese Knotweed on your property, Knotweed will easily grow through surfaces such as concrete and tarmac. This can lead to expensive structural damage to the foundations of your home or business in London.

    The rhizome system (roots) can grow up to 3 metres below ground and up to 7 metres laterally. Often, you will not be able to see the extent of the damage that Japanese Knotweed roots are causing underground. This makes the plant extremely difficult to dig up and remove, especially if the root system extends underneath your property.

    Small pieces of root, as little as 2cm, can grow back into a full size Japanese Knotweed plant. If you attempt to physically remove the weed yourself, which is not advised, you risk spreading it further if it is not correctly disposed of.

    As a result, most mortgage lenders refuse to lend against properties which are infested with weed, easily avoidable with our Japanese Knotweed Removal London. In order to overturn this refusal to lend, they will require to see a professional Japanese Knotweed Management Plan. Check out our Japanese Knotweed mortgage problems page to learn more.

    London Price Match Policy

    London Price Match Policy

    Confidently offering value for money, our services are at the more ‘cost effective’ end of the industry, we will guarantee to better by 5% any formal lower quotation you receive.

    japaneese knotweed removal london - mortgage issues

    Mortgage Issues

    We have in-house Chartered Surveyors, Valuation Surveyors and Panel Surveyors and currently work for the majority of the UK major lenders. As experts in this field, we can help to resolve the unwanted complication.

    japaneese knotweed removal london - warranty

    The CYB Guarantee

    We proudly provide a 5 year guarantee (free of charge) with all of our treatment programmes in London. For a small fee, we can also provide a 10 year insurance backed guarantee.

    Our team has years of combined experience successfully treating and removing this invasive plant


    Treating & Removing Japanese Knotweed in London

    London is a city where knotweed has been known to be prevalent, we know this as we regularly deal with infestations in the local area. Japanese knotweed is quite challenging to totally get rid of, which is why you need only expert service for Japanese knotweed removal London. Likewise, if you need a local, trusted, and expert Japanese knotweed removal service in London, we are the ones to call!

    Japanese knotweed is undoubtedly the most persistent, damaging, and intrusive plant in London. Its underlying web of stems often makes total removal almost impossible, as new plants can sprout from even a small fragment left in the soil. With individuals trying to eradicate Japanese knotweed on their own, the speed at which it multiplies is usually enhanced even in a wide range of soil types.

    The outbreak of Japanese knotweed can span from a single stem to large developed colonies. Each outbreak is unique, which is why we utilise a number of different methods for treating and removing Japanese knotweed. As a result, the removal and treatment methods are adapted to specific places.

    japanese knotweed removal london
    japanese knotweed removal london

    The range of Japanese knotweed removal methods we offer includes chemical control with specialist weed killers, excavation of the plant and its roots, and on-site burial and/or encapsulation with membranes roots. We will survey your site, recommend to you the best treatment method and offer you a quote for removal.

    Our commitment ensures that we continue to offer a high-quality service while adhering to traditional principles of honesty, ethics, and professionalism. We strive for continuous development and look to improve client satisfaction through excellent quality management.

    Our price match policy means that if you find a lower quotation anywhere else, we will beat it by 5%! However, this does not mean that we compromise on quality. Removal & treatment plans come with a 5-year insurance backed guarantee as standard.

    For Japanese knotweed removal London that you can rely on, call us today on 020 3005 8755 and let us cater to your needs with the best methods there is. You can also fill out the form below to request a free quote.

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    Japanese Knotweed Removal London FAQs

    How fast will Japanese knotweed grow without removal?

    Here in the United Kingdom, we tend to not have harsh weather conditions and with nothing to fight against, Japanese Knotweed can grow at an unchallenged rate and may have devastating consequences. It is possible for Japanese Knotweed to grow at up to 20cm per day and has the ability to break through a number of surfaces. These surfaces are some of the sturdiest and most common throughout society, such as concrete, tarmac and brick. It can overpower practically any other plants, swarming them and preventing access to light.

    Is removing Japanese knotweed a legal requirement?

    Japanese Knotweed is illegal to plant in the United Kingdom, but completely legal to have it growing within your own garden, or land. However, if the plant spreads to neighbouring houses or gardens, you may be liable for legal action being taken against you. Japanese Knotweed is treated as controlled waste and cannot be dumped in domestic green recycling bins, with only licensed landfill sites being able to take it.

    What if my neighbour requires Japanese knotweed removal? Am I liable?

    The short answer is no. According to a recent Court of Appeal ruling, landowners are now able to claim damages if the identified Japanese knotweed plant has invaded their property from elsewhere, which won’t leave you out of pocket. In short, if it can be proved that the knotweed growing stemmed from an adjoining property, that homeowner could be held liable for the cost of its removal and any loss of value.

    I Found Japanese Knotweed, What Do I Do Now?

    As a quick fix, you may be looking at how to get rid of Japanese knotweed yourself, without the use of specialists. We would not recommend this as the removal of Japanese Knotweed is rarely successful for beginners. The plant can grow back, with even the slightest bit of stem left behind. A specialist, like CYB Environmental, will use optimised chemicals and techniques, backed by years of experience providing Japanese Knotweed Removal London.

    What is Japanese knotweed removal London?

    Japanese knotweed removal London is the process of removing Japanese knotweed from a location or property. Japanese knotweed is a fast-growing, difficult to remove plant that can ruin your home’s infrastructure and foundations. Japanese knotweed removal London aims to rid properties of this plant before it causes irreversible damage. CYB offers an exceptional Japanese knotweed removal service in London, removing the plant for good.

    How to remove Japanese knotweed in London?

    Japanese knotweed in London can be removed by yourself or by a professional company, such as CYB Environmental. Excavation and removal of the underground root must be done after the canes have been cut down and removed. Another option is chemical control, where specialised herbicides are applied over a period of several growing seasons. Chemical control often causes the least amount of disruption, especially beneficial for residential areas in London.

    Japanese knotweed can also be excavated and buried on-site but must be covered with a specialist root barrier membrane to prevent any re-growth.

    Is Japanese knotweed expensive to remove in London?

    Japanese knotweed removal London is an affordable service with CYB Environmental. We offer quick and free quotes, bettering our competitor’s quotes every time. Should you receive a formal lower quotation, we will match it and decrease our offer by 5%. Our prices depend on the treatment provided, but we will always make our Japanese knotweed removal services available and affordable for clients in London.

    Is removing Japanese knotweed covered by home insurance?

    Unfortunately, most home insurance policies don’t cover Japanese knotweed removal, and so you won’t be able to make a claim for treatment or removal services. Insurance providers will claim negligence on your side, stating you haven’t taken the necessary measures needed to protect your property. Japanese knotweed is the responsibility of the landowner.

    Can Japanese knotweed be removed in London?

    Yes. If you find Japanese knotweed on your property in London, there are ways to remove it. With CYB Environmental, we will assess your property before removing Japanese knotweed. We have various methods, including chemical control and excavation, to rid your property of this weed, preventing irreversible damage. We know the importance of removing this weed, as it can affect insurance, mortgages, property sales and property foundations. Contact CYB for your quick and free quote on Japanese knotweed removal London.

    Can removing Japanese knotweed be done with DIY?

    Removing Japanese knotweed yourself from your property in London can be done, but it is often difficult and time-consuming. Japanese knotweed removal needs to be done quickly and efficiently, as it can grow up to 10cm a day. It also cannot only be removed with herbicides, and often full excavation is needed. When removing Japanese knotweed yourself, you need to ensure every trace of the plant is taken care of otherwise it will easily grow back.

    CYB Environmental recommends investing in a professional Japanese knotweed removal service, for a quick and efficient solution to Japanese knotweed in London.

    Is Japanese knotweed removal London done organically?

    Mostly, Japanese knotweed removal London is organic. Both our excavation and on-site burial services are done organically, digging up the roots and removing them from the site, as well as using a root barrier membrane. These methods don’t harm nearby plants as herbicides aren’t used.

    Our chemical control Japanese knotweed removal method is not organic as it does use herbicides. However, we keep damage to other plants to a minimum, focusing as much as we can on the Japanese knotweed.