Is Japanese Knotweed A Problem In Cardiff?

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The Problem of Japanese Knotweed in Cardiff, Wales


We are aware that Japanese Knotweed can be a frustrating issue for residents and businesses in Cardiff, Wales. When left undealt with, in summer time it’s rapid and aggressive growth can crack tarmac, block drains and cause structural damage to buildings. Things are made more complicated by the fact that without expert help, Japanese Knotweed is notoriously hard to get rid of. Fortunately though, help is at hand – CYB Environmental are Japanese Knotweed specialists operating in Cardiff and all around the South of Wales.


Why is Knotweed hard to control?


Perhaps the greatest difficulty involved with attempting to remove Japanese Knotweed yourself is that its roots are buried extremely deep underground. The root systems, known as rhizomes, are often found as far as 3 metres below surface level. They are not easy to locate or to eradicate.


If you suspect Japanese knotweed on your property in Cardiff, you may be tempted just to cut down the visible sections of the plant, such as the bamboo like stems and large heart shaped green leaves. Yet this will not get near the ‘root’ of the problem. Given its ability to grow so rapidly (up to 10cm per day!), the unwelcome plant would be visible again within a matter of weeks, or even days. During this time, the plants extensive root systems could spread and potentially cause foundational damage underground on your property.  


The good news though, is that with specialist help Japanese Knotweed can be controlled and even eradicated. The best time to call for professional assistance is as soon as you identify, or even just suspect, the plant on your property. This way treatment or removal can begin as soon as possible, limiting the damage that can be caused.


CYB Environmental, Cardiff


CYB Environmental offer a range of different treatments for Japanese Knotweed in the Cardiff area. These include:





Once we have assessed the site and identified the presence of the plant, the method of treatment chosen will be tailored to your property and your individual requirements.


All of our treatment methods come with a 10 year insurance backed guarantee which is recognised by financial lenders, so if you have any concerns regarding Japanese Knotweed mortgage problems in Cardiff, call CYB Environmental today. As chartered surveyors and valuation surveyors, we have the necessary expertise to help you either sell or get a mortgage on a property with Knotweed present.


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